EKG, Blood Pressure - Testing, Recording using AI

Looks like the race/games have started for the public;

From free{you are the product]
To a high end cost of $300.00{as of 05/01/2023] supplying an wireless EKG and wireless BP Monitor.

I have no financial interest in this Company.

The wireless 6 lead EKG has a retail price of $150.00

The wireless Blood Pressure cuff retails around $95.00, the BP cuff is a OMRON Evolv Bluetooth Wireless Upper Arm Blood Pressure Monitor .

In my view the $300.00 one year package look like a good purchase.


@Joseph have you tried it? Or anyone else here?

The reviews are terrible: AliveCor Reviews | Read Customer Service Reviews of alivecor.com


I have seen recordings from a Kardia mobile. The quality wasn’t great. I’m not sure I see an advantage to a 6 lead EKG.