Effects of α-Cyclodextrin on Cholesterol Control and Hydrolyzed Ginseng Extract on Glycemic Control in People With Prediabetes A Randomized Clinical Trial

Published in Diabetes and Endocrinology
November 17, 2020

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I appreciate that they still published a negative result study.

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I haven’t started taking a-cyclodextein fiber yet for cholesterol lowering and now won’t. Wondering if it’s good for weight management.

Only the sLDL will be bound to the cyclodextrin, so the effect on LDL is small. Having said that, this should have worked better. They were seeing 10% in other studies.

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They didn’t check if SCFA increased either. I had a long drive today so finally got around to listening to the latest Drive with PA about the gut microbiome with the lady that came up with pendulum probiotic. Lots of good info there. SCFA are key and the cyclodextrins that don’t make it into the bloodstream end up as SCFA.