Eades, The Arrow this week

Michael Eades is a doctor and author and writes a weekly blog about medical issues and whatever else he thinks of:


A study that shows eating whole eggs vs eating the equal protein content in egg whites builds more muscle in young people than exercise. Because saturated fat.

Another showing that old people that eat 1.6g/kg protein vs .8 g/kg build more lean body mass and strength.

Then this video that helps explain a post I made to @AnUser where I tried to explain that it is better to lose an argument on this site than to win because you learn more by losing. There is no pay for winning. And the point of being here is to learn.

I hope people are not offended by ideas and examples:


You’re a far better person than he is.

Well, if you’re wrong, I am not going to tell you.

Oh, that’s a typo and I’ve already edited it twice. Should be “young people that exercise”