Dump my Resveratrol?

Unfortunately, when I began my longevity journey, I bought into the Resveratrol hype. And then I bought a year’s supply. Well, since then, I have switched to a low dose and dosing only on Mon Wed Fri. So my Resveratrol reserves are on track to last me about 5 years at this rate.

Question is, should I just dump it all or just keep taking it at a low dose until my supply is exhausted. Does Resveratrol have the slightest merit or is it detrimental to health.

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It’s a polyphenol. Sandra Kaufmann thinks it’s brilliant. I think it has benefits. I’d take it at a low dose till gone.


I don’t take it because it is a cox 1 inhibitor. It is. However, AFAIK an HDACi.

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Maybe go off it for 3 or 4 months, then test your bloods and see if there are any changes.
If the bloods are ‘worse off’, then get back on the Resveratrol train and retest after another 3/4 months…….

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Resveratrol, Green tea extract (EGCG), Curcumin, DIM and Luteolin (Most interesting) are all weak Mtor inhibitors, that seems to inhibit Mtor in different ways than Rapamycin. They could maybe work in synergy with Rapamycin. So don’t count out Resveratrol just yet.
Testing these supplements with Rapamycin would be very interesting.

Here is a very interesting paper on Luteolin:


I don’t know what DIM is, but the others are also HDAC inhibitors.

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This paper seems to support low dose Resveratrol (100mg) for people with MTHFR mutation. Given what was found in this study it would appear to me that anyone with potential CVD risks could potentially benefit from 100mg per day or every other day.

I found the four Resveratrol videos by Rimon, Wellness Messiah very useful.