Dry eyes and rapamycin

Have anyone tried using rapamycin for dry eyes? Because I’ve been taking it for 3 months now, I don’t have this condition but for others, is using the liquid spray better option? Thx

Are you asking about a liquid spray version of rapamycin? Or some other product for dry eyes? I’m confused about what product you’re asking about. The only “spray” option with rapamycin I’ve heard about is what @desertshores concocted to spray on his skin. I don’t know whether any similar type of spray has ever been created or tested on humans for eyes.


No expert but read that Tixel may help dry eyes:

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I’m just curious if anyone use rapamycin topically to treat their dry eyes. I’ve followed @desertshores way of making the spray which I’m going to test out on my scalp and face. But I think it might sting the eye.

Although only tangentially related to the topic of eyes, I’ve noticed that since starting Rapamycin, I no longer have ‘eye dirt’ when I wake up. I found that interesting and it’s one of the only obvious and neutral/positive effects I’ve experienced.


I agree too but what is the underlying reasons?

I don’t think you want to put Transcutol in your eyes. Not something I would do.
Transcutol is used in some eyedrop formulations to dissolve some drugs that are not soluble in water or glycerine.
I certainly do not know enough about it to be putting it into my eyes.


I would generally agree but when spraying on your face some of it will get into your eyes. I’m not suggesting spraying anything directly into the eyes without enough information. It stings a little but otherwise it is ok. Out of curiosity how do you disperse it?

I use a fine spray bottle.


Yes, I have had exactly the same effect. I mentioned this in one of my benefits posts a few years ago