Drugs increase slow wave sleep and has proven memory/cognitive effects

which cheap generic drugs increase slow wave sleep and has proven memory/cognitive effects in different populations?

I know Gabapentin, baclofen, tiagabine, trazadone, mitirzapine are cheap, increase sws in different populations - but does the mechanism in how they increase sws (or normalize it due to sws decline with age) result in cognitive, memory etc. benefits?

Personally I have experience with three out of the bunch you mention and while all having a good effect on sleep they were all detrimental for my cognitive abilities and memory while taking them. I would never take any of those again. But that was immediate effect on cognition and memory. The longest I took low dose Mirtazapine but while being best for sleep it was the worst for cognitive abilities.

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Mirtazapin and trazadone (same mechanism) improves my SWS but destroys me the next day. I’m completely fatigued and drowsy.

Gabapentin seems to improve my sleep and cognition somewhat albeit being a little high the first 10 minutes when I wake up.

I would love to experiment with tiagabine and baclofen.

Has anyone tried Suvorexant. I saw an article that said it might protect against dementia. My insurance doesn’t cover it & it seems to be about $300/month.