Dr. Sehgal's Rapamycin Dosage and Routine to Treat His Cancer

As the title states, does anyone know the dosage and schedule for Rapamycin that Dr. Sehgal used? It seems it was very effective.

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See this thread: Suren Sehgal's self treatment rapamycin dose regime for colon cancer?

Agreed. I’d be curious too.

I wonder if his son Ajai or wife Uma was aware of what the dosage was?

Wow. Thank you for this! It appears to be 1 mg a day. My father in law will probably be a bit more aggressive and take 1 mg + GFJ daily as he doesn’t have anything to lose.

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Yes - I typically see around 10mg/day for cancer treatments. Perhaps take breaks occasionally to ease up on the mTORC2 inhibition periodically.

5 days on and 2 days off?

I’m not sure. It might be more driven by side effects… from this 10mg/day trial:

The most common Adverse Effects (AEs) of everolimus therapy were laboratory abnormalities (100% of patients) and infection complications (83 episodes in 15 patients). Infectious episodes of pharyngitis (67%), diarrhea (44%), stomatitis (39%), and bronchitis (39%) were the most common infections. They were mostly mild or moderate in severity (grade 1–2).

From this study:

Complications of mammalian target of rapamycin inhibitor anticancer treatment among patients with tuberous sclerosis complex are common and occasionally life-threatening


Also, what are the results for the cancer patients you have heard about? How long do they survive?

That 10 mg is everolimus? Everolimus converts to Sirolimus in a 2:1 ratio, so that would be 5 mg/day of Sirolimus or 2 mg + GFJ

I have not looked at it in depth. I would search on “sirolimus” and the type of cancer your FIL has, in pubmed.

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Looks like I am going to be buying 1000 1 mg tabs of Rapamycin each year.

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do you have cancer??? I thought that once we take rapamycin regularly we are pretty much cancer free… so i thought. no old cells for the cancer to start with.

Not me. My father in law has cancer.

If I had cancer I will probably try the highest does I can tolerate until the test shows that it has decreased sufficiently to give me more time to go into a on/off type treatment. Anyway all the best.