Dr. Sandra Kaufmann "Winning the Glycation Battle" & Bill Faloon "A Brief Update on Age Reversal"


In my view Kaufman’s presentations are always good.

She says to stop using D-Ribose immediately… I’ve been mixing it with my modified citrus pectin.

I kind of like it for energy, but not that much.

If you are not aware;

If you email her she will reply.

She personally answers her emails.

Thanks for the link Alex.


Dual alpha amylse and alpha glucosidase inhibitors

andrographolide - For men, it helps the little friend down there.

Ecklonia cava - seaweed
Chlorogenic acid
Epicatechin - tea
Fucoidan - seaweed.

Seaweeds, and tea. Staples of the Japanese diet.

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Has anybody tried to get pioglitazone from India yet? Just curious if I need to see my doctor.

To keep it in perspective : D-Ribose circulating in your blood is 7x as bad as glucose, but you probably consume just 5g/day of D-Ribose vs 100-200g/day of carbs that digest to glucose. So you can add 5g/day of D-Ribose and cut 35g/day of carbs and have no net effect on glycation.

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Wouldn’t it be best to cut down on both?

I’m mostly keto and yet when I wake up in the morning my blood sugar is usually about 90. Only way I’ve found to knock it down is with empagliflozin, I took a 25 in the morning and the next morning my blood glucose was 65. I may start using 10’s.

If you are not getting any benefit from supplementing 2-5g/day of D-Ribose then obviously it is best not to. If you are healthy your cells should be able to synthesize all the D-Ribose they require (just like with Taurine or Gluthathione or NAD+). But there is some evidence that as we age, human cells either are no longer able to synthesize enough (D-Ribose , Gluthathione & Taurine) or require a lot more to fight inflammation (Gluthathione & NAD+). Hence supplementing D-Ribose (or Taurine, Gluthathione precursors & NAD+ precursors) may provide a benefit that exceeds any fixed downside (which will always exists at some level).