Dr. Rhonda Patrick Q&A

FoundMyFitness Q&A #39 (9/03/22) with Dr. Rhonda Patrick

An example of her Member’s only podcast:

Chapters 00:00:00 -
Beginning of Q&A 00:03:29 -
Q: What are the top ways to reduce inflammation?
00:04:21 - Cutting out refined sugar
00:06:41 - Adding omega 3 fatty acids
00:13:04 - Exercise
00:14:55 - Heat stress/sauna 00:17:29 - Sulforaphane
00:20:42 - Time-restricted eating
00:23:39 - Cold exposure

00:28:53 - Q: Which foods and supplements benefit the gut?
00:44:44 - Q: Which supplements blunt the benefits of exercise?
00:55:18 - Q: What are the differences between intermittent fasting and caloric restriction?
00:59:12 - Q: How is aging defined? 01:05:24 - Q: How to stave off osteoporosis in menopause?
01:11:13 - Q: Is it important to take Lovaza (omega-3 ethyl esters) with food?
01:12:18 - Q: Can caffeine cause miscarriage and affect sperm quality?
01:12:54 - Q: Could a cooling suit be a cost-effective substitute for a cold plunge?
01:13:13 - Q: How to find a primary care physician who is focused on personalized medicine?
01:13:47 - Q: What would Rhonda eat during a 5 day injury recovery period?
01:14:29 - Q: Any longevity correlations in populations who practice cold water swimming?
01:15:19 - Q: Are silicone baking products safe? 01:16:05 - Q: Rhonda’s thoughts on the safety of supplemental greens.
01:16:47 - Q: What can help with REM sleep?
01:17:25 - Q: Which DHA brands are suitable for breastfeeding (3g DHA, oxidation rate below 6)?
01:18:21 - Q: Any concerns about MSG in hydrolyzed collagen?
01:18:58 - Q: Do protein powder and meat similarly affect the kidney, LDL cholesterol, and gout?
01:19:18 - Q: Is whole-body vibration an effective method of exercise?
01:19:42 - Q: How bioavailable are probiotics?
01:20:12 - Q: Are there any promising new cancer treatments?
01:22:48 - Q: Does allulose produce advanced glycation end products?
01:23:53 - Q: What do you think of David Sinclair’s Tally Health biological age test?
01:24:18 - Q: Can taking too many antioxidants impact sperm quality?
01:25:33 - Q: Do fish oils get oxidized by stomach acid and raise inflammation?
01:26:05 - Q: Has Rhonda taken a biological age test?
01:26:53 - Q: Do Yamanaka factors regenerate cells other than nerve cells?
01:27:34 - Q: Can platelet-rich plasma therapy treat hair loss?
01:27:54 - Q: How many times per week is optimal for sauna bathing?
01:28:22 - Q: Is a small Moringa dose still effective?
01:28:33 - Q: What are your thoughts on GABA supplementation? 01:30:05 - Q: Any sulforaphane supplement brand recommendations?
01:31:26 - Q: Any thoughts on the supplement fisetin and its effects on senescent cells?


@RapAdmin She has been one of my favorites to listen to. Common sense approaches and good connections to many experts in the research community. Dr. Patrick is a big fan of Sulforaphane and I was surprised that more members on this site were not taking it based on your recent survey. Thanks for sharing.


Nice! Superinteresting that she will cover a lot of rapamycin next time :pray: