Dr Morris - brief commentary on Acarbose and 17 alpha estradiol

I asked Dr Morris about Acarbose and 17ae2, this was his response


I’m not a doctor, so take my opinion with a grain of salt, but I view the NIA ITP studies not as “one study in mice” but three simultaneous mouse trials at once… so they are a lot more compelling than a single mouse study.

Plus, Acarbose is an FDA approved drug that has been used by millions of people for dozens of years … so risk-wise, nothing major: Acarbose - Wikipedia

On Acarbose, we really aren’t sure on the method of action for the drug influencing longevity in the ITP studies… so Dr. Morris may be correct, or he could be wrong. But we do know that acarbose had pretty compelling results in the ITP study, its cheap, and if (a big if…) the side effects don’t affect you (or you can tolerate them), then it seems pretty low risk…


Oddly enough he spoke for awhile during our initial consultation about men taking estrogen to improve cardiovascular outcomes and how he is in his seventies and has a CAC of zero.

I thought he might be talking about 17ae2, but he wasn’t. Anyone have an idea what he might be talking about?

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Is this Dr Jerry Morris you’re referring to? If so, yeah he repeatedly tells me that estrogen reverses CVD and that it’s one of the main benefits of testosterone supplementation/replacement, but I have no idea if that assertion is based on any published experimental data (if it were, I’d think I’d have heard of it or seen it by now).


When he talked to me he said he wasn’t referring to prescribing testosterone… is he prescribing low dose estrogen to men?

Testosterone administration will also raise estrogen due to aromatization. He views this as a good thing.