Dr. Miller - Research Papers

Dr. Miller sent me some papers that he thought would be interesting to this community. So, here they are:

Hi, Chris:

I enjoyed our conversation yesterday.

Here are some papers on GPLD1 and on thioredoxin reductase. I’ll also include a recent review paper on Aging Rate Indicators, which may prove to be useful in humans, too, though we don’t know yet. It’s in press in Aging Biology.

I’ll need to look around a bit for the Partridge paper.


Pickering_et_al-2017-Aging_Cell thioredoxin.pdf (1.5 MB)
Li Shi GPLD1 Aging Cell 2022.pdf (3.1 MB)
Aging Rate Indicators revision 221222 submitted.pdf (683.0 KB)

@John_Hemming @Krister_Kauppi @AlexKChen - I thought you might be particularly interested in these. I would be interested in your thoughts…


I would agree that mitochondrial efficiency is a key issue.

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How can we increase our thioredoxin reductase 2 levels?

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:+1: By the way, did he mention when the results for this years ITP will be published?

You mean the selection of new compounds? He did not and I forgot to ask. It should be the same time as always though…

I looked at the pubmed but it seems like the results from the ITP is published in a wide vary during a year. My quees the result will come out after summer.