Dr Katcher's E5 Experiment - Feb 2022 Update | Review By Modern Healthspan

The latest update of Dr Katcher’s E5 reviewed by Modern Healthspan

The grip strength test result is extraordinary
Treated group are now 36 months old (equivalent to 90 years old human) , but they are almost strong as young control rats!

But E5 looks like having its limit
E5 seems to reverse some tissues after 1st and 2ed dose, but after 3rd dose, it can’t reverse further

Why can’t it reverse further?
And any thoughts on E5 latest update?

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It’s hard not to get a little excited about this, but there are good reasons not to be: the research is not peer reviewed yet and the experiment is incomplete; the lead researcher was very cagey in the interview I saw on Modern Healthspan; little is publicly known about what E5 or its mechanism; and these are just mice. It could be a breakthrough drug, but it might be nothing.