Dr Brian Kennedy – Validating Aging Interventions and Why Rapamycin is the Gold Standard

Just recently posted, recorded at the Gstaad Longevity investor Conference: https://www.longevityinvestors.ch


I watched the video and followed a link to a site with an article by Kennedy. Apparently he is working with the government of Singapore. First they will be testing exercise and some supplement interventions. But, he hopes to be testing rapamycin on people soon. It would be great if some large scale tests with people are done soon.

The article is here


Yes - I spoke with Max Unfried who works in his Lab (based in Singapore) at the recent San Francisco Longevity meetup. Max thought that the rapamycin study that Brian Kennedy is doing will be starting in early 2023, will consist of about 80 people, and will be 6 months long (they are looking at a large battery of biomarkers and blood tests to look for physiological improvements).

If results are as positive as I expect, I suppose that then there would be larger trials to follow.