Dr. Blagosklonny - Message Says Ground Breaking Paper Coming

A twitter post shows Dr Blagosklonny swimming in a pool. A woman narrating says he’s “taking a break from writing a ground breaking paper. This paper will change the world.”


Dr. Blagosklonny just posted this:


Essentially he is claiming that Rapa slows down the formation of cancer and postpones it by up to 20 years. Therefore effectively preventing cancer in some individuals as the onset of terminal cancer could be delayed beyond where some other diseases such as CVD would kill an individual. It makes sense to me.

Now the question is what dose is required to stymie cancer?


I really enjoy Dr. B’s posts. He’s so enthusiastic and explains everything in a way that a longevist would appreciate.

However, when I present those results to lay people, they view these types of papers as snake oil or too good to be true rubbish.

Unfortunately, by the time we can prove them wrong, the doubters will probably all be dead. Eh, maybe their children or grandchildren will listen to us…


In the end if degenerative diseases can be mitigated or reversed (and I think they can) it will be obvious. It does not require complex debates about the nuances of epigenetic tests and/or yamanka factors.

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I am eagerly awaiting results like that. Epigenetic testing has been a huge letdown in my opinion. They just can’t produce reliable results so therefore they are worthless in my mind.

Unless you find one that says you’re a lot younger and then it can have a placebo effect…


Great news for addicted smokers on cancer prevention with rapamycin,