Doubts about Rapa and autoimmune diseases

Opinion about rapamycin and autoimmune diseases?
I’m thinking about start rapa but I’m celiac and also have some troubles with histamin.

Can it help or can be harmful?

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I believe it can be helpful as it is an immune modulator and my personal experience is good. But it is purely anecdotal, I don’t think it works for all and everyone. I lost some allergies, I had exercise induced asthma since childhood and had to take salbutamol spray before exercising, but was able to stop this in last months. I also had good results with my dermatitis, seborrheic, but sometimes quite bad almost psoriatic in appearance, and is 75% better and I stopped completely hydrocortisone for this in the last months. But none of this conditions were really severe and I don’t think it is a magic drug but it helps in my case.


As a fellow celiac on rapamycin for about 9 months I’ve found it helpful overall. I’m tolerating a wider variety of foods and rarely have any gut complaints these days. I still do not eat gluten of course.


That’s really amazing to hear! I’ll give a shot! What’s your weekly dosage? 5mg?

I have noticed no obvious effect on my type 1 diabetes from taking 4-7mg every 12 days for 2 years

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I am very healthy, but throughout my life I have periodically tested positive on ANA screens. I tested positive back in July, wasn’t feeling great, and had no answers from my primary care MD. I decided to try Rapa, and have felt much better and my recent ANA screen was negative. Everyone I work with has gotten Covid and I’ve yet to get it. Anecdotal, but I’m cautiously optimistic that Rapa is helping whatever my mystery autoimmune issue is. At the very least, it does not appear to be making anything worse. I’m taking 4mg and might go to 6mg soon.