Dosing rapamycin every 5 days

I saw a post on reddit the other day where they were having great success with their long covid illness but they were dosing every 5 days instead of every week or two weeks. This is the 1st time I’ve heard of someone doing this. Are people starting to dose every 5 days now? Any reason why you shouldn’t?

I inquired about their scheduling but they never replied back

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Hi, most people are doing dosing of rapamycin once per week. Its mostly based on the Mannick 2014 study of a rapalog that had good results. More details here: What is the Rapamycin Dose / Dosage for Anti-Aging or Longevity?


5 days seems too frequent and Rapa for Long Covid certainly unproven, if Long Covid is even real.

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The dosing interval is going to depend on dosage and on how much mTOR suppression each individual finds subjectively beneficial. With the common 5-7mg dose, 5 days probably doesn’t leave much of a trough, if any, in sirolimus levels. We don’t want to completely shut down mTOR. We just want to ‘tap the brakes’ to slow down hyperfunction and hypertrophy, if we go along with Blagosklonny’s compelling theory of ageing.

For someone who’s relatively healthy or young, perhaps they would find a smaller dose and/or longer interval more beneficial. As one gets older, and hyperfunction accelerates, perhaps it makes sense to increase the dose or the frequency. If one suffers severely from an auto-immune condition, which may be the case with long COVID, perhaps the positives of increased mTOR suppression outweigh the negatives.

None of us knows what the optimal dosing regime is. Reading the different accounts of people on this forum, though, it’s pretty clear that there is no one-size-fits-all approach. Increased or more frequent doses are not unalloyed good things.