Does the amount of autophagy increase over time?

I have a question about autophagy. I’m currently doing a 3-day fast. Is autophagy linear? Will the amount of autophagy (ie. protein recycling) on day 2 of my fast be roughly the same as the amount of autophagy on day 3? Or…is there a progression/increase in the amount of autophagy with longer periods of autophagy activation? I’m just guessing…but I suspect it might be a U-shaped curve. I don’t think we yet have accurate ways to measure autophagy…or determine the answer(s) to my question…but I’m interested to hear people’s thoughts.


Peter Attia has suggested, I believe, that autophagy doesn’t really start until the 3rd day of a fast. But, I have not seen any data to support this. So, not linear at all.


or you could just CR/rapamycin (or both) and it happens without the fast