Does rapamycin produce reductions in brainfog/fatigue OR increases in energy?

Even in those who don’t necessarily care about aging rate?

I’m friends with MANY people in alignment who believe we have very very little time left (5-10 years), and making every second matter counts for reducing existential risk by a factor of micromorts/microprobabilities. If rapamycin makes people feel better short-term, it should be used more (esp given how chronic inflammation has led to brain fog in large segments of the population and how 88% of the American population is metabolically unhealthy). Small changes in amount of brainfog/fatigue (eg Eliezer Yudkowsky keeps saying “if only I had the energy of a 25 year old” [1]) can result in large differences in resultant output, MOST ESPECIALLY for Eliezer, but I’m sure for others like Paul Christiano too.

I know Matt Kaeberlein has mentioned he feels better/less achy after taking rapamycin. Simply feeling less achy is enough reason in itself to take rapamycin, given how it may be the most common feeling in the human population [as nick cammarata hypothesizes] and how much it drains productivity [including the kind relevant for aligning AI]

One even agrees with my idea of intelligence enhancement via minicircle plasmids (at least that it must be pursued) and encouraged me to talk to MIRI ppl about it [b/c it’s easier to do alignment with intelligence enhancement]

The AI alignment community is SO fascinating because people in it who viscerally understand its importance value their time EVEN MORE than longevity people, so it may be easier to convince SOME of them to get over dumb hangups that make people lose more time/memory access than they otherwise do. a casual intro to AI doom and alignment • . Becuase of this, many of them (eg Daniel Kotajko ) no longer bother with personal savings beyond 10 years.


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Sounds like the same logic of short term productivity gains because there is supposedly so little time left can be used to justify the use of hard drugs, not just rapamycin.

Interesting ( tough predictable ) that AI alignment people have more in common to preppers now.


Tbh, Adderall + rapamycin would be an interesting combo, but I agree

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I would be interested in the answer to the question; does rapamycin noticeably reduce brain fog/fatigue


A lot of brainfog/fatigue is caused by high inflammation so there is a credible argument for this

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I think it did for me, for whatever n=1 is worth. I think my memory is better when I’m on rapamycin - but it would be good if we could have some sort of pre/post testing regimen to recommend to people to see if this is real. Can you think of a good pre/post test to use?

And, of course, something a clinical trial should look at…


What’s the reason for using Adderall when Selegiline is almost equally effective for improving focus and has the potential to enhance longevity?

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It’s an interesting topic and yes the effects of rapamycin over 5-10 years would be interesting. I suppose it would be subjectively be beneficial for some. There are many members here, especially those with a higher chronological age who report subjective benefits in the very short term. It might depend on current health. Worst case you would notice negative side effects one week and then you wouldn’t take it next week or as large of a dose.

This thread might be of interest, among others:


They’re not comparable. Selegiline barely helps for focus