Does rapamycin increase or decrease collagen I/II/III/IV/VII synthesis?

by W Zheng · 2018 · Cited by 40 — Rapamycin markedly activates autophagy and alleviates fibrosis by decreasing collagen synthesis, suppressing FMD, and promoting the G0/G1 cell …

content of type I collagen (COL-I) and type III collagen (COL-III) and the ratio between them not only affect the skin elasticity and mechanical strength, but also determine the fibril diameter. In this research, we investigated the age-related changes in COL-I/COL-III ratio with their formed fibril diameter. The experimental result was obtained from high performance liquid chromatography–mass spectrometer, hydroxyproline determination, picrosirius red staining and transmission electron microscopes (TEM), respectively. The result indicated that the COL-I/COL-III ratio in mouse skin increased with aging. From the 0th to 9th week, the COL-I/COLIII ratio increased from 1.3:1 to 4.5:1. From the 9th to the 18th week, it remained between 4.5:1 and 4.9:1


It seems that even though Rapamycin may inhibit collagens role in fibrosis, it does not affect the benefits of collagen for skin benefits. This is from personal experience.


I’m (nervously) awaiting an answer for this question too. Have you found anything else out? :slight_smile:

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