Does our gut microbiota really influence our health and life expectancy?

There are several things that can disrupt the gut microbiota, including diet, alcohol consumption, antibiotics and inflammatory bowel disease. These cause imbalances, known as “dysbiosis” which, in turn, are associated with a wide array of chronic diseases.

In the last decade, the results of hundreds of studies in animal models have suggested that gut dysbiosis may play a role in several metabolic disturbances. Furthermore, in rodents, the implantation of certain bacteria could influence weight and metabolic profile. What’s more, transferring the gut microbiota from a thin mouse to a heavy mouse allows it to lose weight. Is this too good to be true?

Respectively a student and a full professor in the Department of Medicine at Université Laval, our goal is to identify new therapeutic targets for chronic diseases and healthy life expectancy by using an approach based on genetic epidemiology. This short article aims to summarize and contextualize our recent research work on the gut microbiota.


Can anyone recommend a life extending probiotic?


Michael Lustgarten from the youtube channel concur aging or die trying has been on this trail for years, he basically can prove that all centenarians has a higher amount of short chain fatty acids in their gut microbe than normal people. (especially Butyrate) Acarbose will create butyrate in your lower intestine because of fermentation of carbohydrate, other things will do that as well such as green banana, oats and other insoluble fibers (Psyllium etc)

I strongly believe there are 3 ways that will protect the body from aging better than others.
Healthy gut microbiome
Inhibition of Mtor
Anti Oxidation

Simple things like Rapamycin, Acarbose and Astaxanthin will go a very long way of extending your life for decades.
Add a healthy diet, exercise and light yoga with that, you will be well covered.


I believe acarbose (which is basically turning CH in prebiotic fiber) in combination with yogurt/kefir/sauerkraut/kimchi and other fermented products is a really good combo


Aha, Bryan Johnson’s SCFA were low so this is why he has added fermented food and is trying to make fermented cashew milk/kefir.

He may be doing other things, but he’ll report that in future notes, hopefully


Here’s some new info in gut health and longevity

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