Does Labcorp have a price list?

To everyone in the USA, I can’t get an Ox-LDL test in the UK but I happen to be in New York the week before Christmas. Thus I was thinking I’ll pop into Labcorp and have a test done there. That said, I can’t see on their website anywhere how much any of their tests cost.
Anyway, does anyone know how much an Ox-LDL test with Labcorp costs and does any of their locations do it?

I don’t know anything about this test, but it seems to be a little different.
It is available in the U.S. as a kit by mail from Walk-in Lab, but you still have to return a sample to a lab. There are many Labcorp locations in NYC to return your sample to.

I cannot find any way to order the test from Labcorp directly, which I wouldn’t normally do anyway because Walk-in Lab and others offer the tests at a substantial discount from ordering from Labcorp directly.

There are many companies that provide blood testing and use Labcorp on the backend to fufill the testing order. is another company that provides blood testing (done by LabCorp):

See link below directly to test:

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is my go to for ordering labs. If you call/message them, they can order anything in the catalog that is not listed.

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Thanks everyone for the advice - it’s much appreciated.

Marek Labs which has been previously mentioned on this forum has tests for much lower prices, often only half as much as other discount blood test sites. I have already used them twice in the last few weeks. They are legit, reliable and give great service.


Furthermore you can’t use Life Extension for NY. From their site "
Q) Are there any state restrictions regarding purchasing laboratory tests?]
A) Yes. Laboratory tests are not available for purchase in Maryland. Also, the states of NY, NJ, RI, MA and PA have state laws governing laboratory testing. See FAQs below"

Marek does not have this problem. I think it is because their requisitions are written as tests ordered by a doctor.

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They are cheaper on a few tests that I checked. Unfortunately, they seem only to use Labcorp which is quite inconvenient for me.