Does insulin release scale nonlinearly with glucose level above 100?

Especially at very high levels of glucose? It seems like barely any is secreted up to levels of 120…

Also insulin is pro aging too, but does rapamycin largely block this?

In healthy people, the body maintains tight control of blood glucose homeostasis. Insulin and glucagon are released almost immediately with food intake and further released if blood glucose gets outside of the normal range. The normal range (a few hours after a meal) varies by individual, but usually it is 70-90 mg/dL. With age or diabetes, insulin and glucagon release can become dysregulated. Normally, I believe insulin release is linear in relation to deviations from the normal range.

My understanding is that rapamycin is very specific in targeting mTor and nothing (?) else directly. I don’t believe rapa affects insulin release although it may indirectly may increase insulin sensitivity through inflammation reduction. As a type 1 diabetic, I have noticed no change in how much insulin I need to inject since I started rapa, but I was already very insulin-sensitive.