Does anyone try thinslim foods? What is the ideal keto bread?

Thinslim foods uses a lot of fiber that decomposes into SCFAs. Which induces less insulin response than actual carbs.

But it kind of doesn’t taste like actual food. I prefer unbun and Ezekiel bread if possible bc they taste like food…

CARBONAUT is the ideal keto bread because it has the lowest calorie density (need to test cgm). But it also falls apart easily

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Never tried ThinSlim, but I tried Hero Bread with their supposed resistant wheat starch that spiked my glucose big time, that was the only advantage of wearing CGM. ThinSlim has something similar so I would be weary. I am not sure what loophole do they use to make a low carb claim, when the wheat starch apparently wasn’t very resistant to digestion and absorption… at least for me.

I also have IBS so the fructan in the chicory root fiber is a big NO GO for me.

Ultimately, based on LEVELS recommendations I used Ezekiel and that didn’t spike the glucose for me. Also it uses time tested and organic ingredients.

Carbonaut uses potato starch

Lower calorie density than regular bread

I just ate an entire bag and it increased my BG 30 points (not the worst)

I know a modified food starch bread (arnold’s) that was keto but spiked my glucose like crazy

the real answer is

and i’ve checked on my CGM, the glucose response is not high