Does anyone know any Polish doctors that prescribe Rapamycin?

I’ve got the prescription for Rapamycin from abroad, but pharmacies say that Rapamycin is on the list of “special drugs” so I can’t buy it with prescription from abroad and I need receipt from Poland.
Does anyone knows about any doctor from Poland that would like to prescribe Rapamycin?

I don’t think this is legal in EU. If a Polish prescription is valid so it is for any other EU country doctor. If you have a prescription from a licensed doctor they should give you medication you need. I travel a lot and I did not have any problem with prescription from another country even when traveling in other parts of the world. Probably rapamycin has a H/rp. (medicines that can only be prescribed, dispensed or used in hospitals) or S/rp. (medicines that can be prescribed only by specialist doctors). Check the status of rapamycin in Poland and check the rules. Might be that you need to go to hospital pharmacy or smth. or go on holidays in a country where you can buy it without limitations.

When I first went to a pharmacy they never heard for Rapamune, they complicated a bit, I went to hospital dispensing center and I got it without questions. Now I order it at the local pharmacy without any problems too.


I checked what I can, hope this helps. Rapamune in Poland has Rpz status, that is issued with a doctor’s prescription for restricted use. But I still believe you should be able to get it. I used google translate for below. Maybe just be more assertive. You are not buying and illegal drug, just using prescription medication off label.

Rpz (this is one of the more mysterious abbreviations, bringing together drugs that are used in the treatment of diseases or clinical conditions that must be diagnosed in hospital conditions or in centers with appropriate diagnostic facilities, although further care may be conducted elsewhere);

  1. the medicinal product is used in the treatment of diseases or clinical conditions that must be diagnosed in a hospital setting or in centers with adequate diagnostic facilities, although administration and follow-up care may be carried out elsewhere, or 2) the medicinal product is intended for outpatients , but its use can cause serious adverse reactions and, in the case of vaccines, serious adverse reactions, and require special supervision during the administration of the medicinal product and special medical supervision throughout the treatment period.

For drugs in this category of availability, a specific prescription model is not required.


You’ve tried EUDoc, right? and this clinic is too expensive?

Longevity Center
Belwederska 9
00-761 Warsaw
Website: The Longevity Center EU

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Correct : the pharmacies in Spain and Italy also stated to me by email (and same info on their website) that they needed prescription from a Spanish / Italian doctor , but once i presented myself with foreign prescription, nothing was asked and I got it


I’ve emailed them - they said that they require “set of tests” which cost $1300 before prescribing any drugs (in Poland, 1300$ is median monthly salary)

Also, they don’t mention Rapamycin at all on their website or Linkedin - they only mention about nutrition, and making bunch of blood and functional tests

I asked the founder when we were at the Longevity conference at the Buck Inst. last year - they do prescribe rapamycin and metformin, but yes - they are targeted at the high end of the market.


Actually, my Rapamycin tele medicine doctor out of Texas is of Polish descent. His name is Dr. Jerry Morris DO. 751 E southlake BLVD. Ste #121, South Lake, TX 76092 telephone number (817) 241-0105 Every six months I get 156 pfizer 2 mg tablets from Dr Morris. Sincerely, Ricky Mora.

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I finally had an expensive visit to one of the doctors that work there - she heard about Rapamycin and Buck Institute, but she told me that they can’t prescribe Rapamycin unless someone has cancer or kidney transplant. She told me that nobody in Longevity Center in Poland can prescribe Rapamycin otherwise.
She told me that she can prescribe Metformin but not Rapamycin
Do you have any names of doctors that prescribe Rapamycin in Poland?

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If Polish pharmacies insist on breaking EU laws, you could travel to another EU country and get your rapamycin there.

A prescription delivered by a doctor in one EU country is valid in all other EU countries.


Polish pharmacies sell drugs from EU prescription but not Rapamycin - they sold me Acarbose and Dutasteride, but all refused to sell Rapamycin because it requires “Polish prescription” because it is on the list of special drugs

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