Doctors who are willing to do Telehealth for Overseas Patients

Hi everyone,

I have scoured through the thread that lists Doctors who are willing to prescribe Rapamycin.

There are none in my country who will do it. My problem is that every doctor on this list that I get in contact with requires a face to face initial consult - and I don’t have the money to trave overseas for this.

Does anybody know of any Doctor who prescribes Rapamycin who is willing to see the patient via internet/telehealth?

Every doctor I ignores my request or insists on a face to face consult.

Can anybody help me out?

Many thanks


Can you share what country you are in?


I am in Australia.


I don’t think you’ll find any doctors that will prescribe to people outside of their country; they are usually limited by their country’s laws and medical licensing to only serve people (by telemedicine) in the areas they are licensed in (in the US its by state).

See this post by another member in Australia: