Do you let your doctor know you take rapamycin?

Do you tell your main practitioner and/or specialist that you take rapamycin? It seems like it would be important for information for them to have in their record. If so, what has been their reaction?


This question interests me. I told my doctor, who I am certain would not have prescribed it herself, and she shrugged. Maybe since I got the prescription elsewhere she didn’t worry about it the way she would have if I had asked her to prescribe it to me.

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I don’t let my Doc know anything unless there is an issue that I’m aware of where there may be some interaction with another drug or therapy.

I have a great family Doc, she is quick to refer me to a specialist if needed and she is very holistic but after one conversation I had about longevity and her response, I knew she is not one who would be on board with my “experiments”.

She was impressed with my most recent blood work though :slight_smile: Her advice on healthy living does wonders LoL!


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My doctor just tells me “keep doing what you’re doing because it’s working.”
He doesn’t prescribe rapa for me but he’s aware that I do a lot of things for my health on my own (hasn’t been interested in the details) and says I’m one of his healthiest patients. He does consider me a bit extreme (my weighted vest for example) but in a complimentary way. I’ve shown him research before to back some of my choices on things and he was in agreement with my conclusions and the sources I based my decisions around. He’s a great guy just really busy with sick people so I’m easy for him. I think he’d be thrilled if more of his patients were as proactive as me.