DIY Rapamycin skin cream

don’t be concerned at all about it. It’s most likely nothing to be concerned about at all. Though ofcourse i don’t use that rappamune at all. At that price i would likely not even be doing rapamycin at all. So i know what else i have in mine.

I keep reading about msm and how one benefits by doing it together with dmso as it undoes most all, esp the odor issue , of the negative issues of dmso. Don’t know to what extent or it is really as great a thing as they make it out to be.but also talk about using msm and urea together alone as some real great nearly ‘magic’ combination and not use dmso at all. I want to decrease use of dmso also but i have so much of it left over from many years ago so i don’t need to go and buy anything though i did buy some msm and urea also as they are not very expensive and readily available…

It seems people here are making topicals with very high concentrations compared to what I’ve seen in studies, which were all using concentrations of under 0.01% Are there studies I where higher concentrations have been used?

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I am not really anti-DMSO and I have some on the shelf. DMSO was quite the fad amongst athletes and old people in the 1970s. I don’t recall anyone dying from it or having a bad reaction. Purity and the risk of contaminants is the main thing.

“My fellow athletes and I would purchase our DMSO, dissolve an aspirin or two in it and paint it on our injured joints, muscles or shin splints so that we could continue competing. Those who had arthritis did something similar with their painful joints so that they could function with less pain throughout the day.”

“The side effects were that DMSO caused extremely bad breath, much like if you had eaten an entire clove of garlic. The other difficulty was not knowing if the DMSO purchased was pure enough. As an extremely efficient solvent, whatever was on the skin of the preparer or had been picked up in the storage, transfer or manufacturing of the DMSO, quickly was absorbed directly into the blood stream of the user.”

ok my mistake. Prior i had just thought transcutol was just too ungodly expensive which is main reason i suggested dmso but now i see that is not the case as transcutol is readily available from Lab Alley for $90 per gallon. Ofcourse that is likely way more than one would need but there are ofcourse smaller quantities available for reasonable price also. Not real cheap but not too expensive either so i can see why people may want to go with transcutol.Also related to dmso did u read about using msm in conjunction with dmso because it gets rid of most of the disadvantages so they claim anyway and especially the odor.

The adverse skin reactions frequently associated with use of DMSO, do not occur when certain of these MSM-DMSO compositions are used.A further discovery is that the addition of carbamide (urea) to an MSM composition enhances the effectiveness of the composition as a tissue treating agent, beyond expectations . Furthermore, DMSO may be included with certain MSM compositions to enhance their effectiveness. DMSO is an irritant to the epidermis of many people, so that the absence of adverse
skin reactions was unexpected…another article… MSM has shown this permeability enhancement (5.6% of solution) when in combination with EDTA
(2.6% of solution);[72] this combination has been confirmed in at least one human study to be more effective than either EDTA or MSM alone.
another: In several embodiments, penetrant effect of DMSO allows MSM to achieve greater skin penetration and absorption, allowing enhanced
anti-inflammatory effects. In some embodiments, the DMSO/MSM topical formulation unexpectedly provides analgesic effects… In some embodiments , a formulation comprising 10%-50% MSM reduces or eliminates the odor of DMSO provided at a concentration of 50%-90%

Yes. First the mortar and pestle, add to transcutol, then into Aquaphor.

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Are you still taking the Topical Rapamycin? Did you ever notice any skin changes from Topical Rapamycin formulations for skin quality? Has anyone in the forum experienced any benefits from Topical Rapamycin application?

The effects appear to be subtle. It’s been my experience that some things work over the long term. Perhaps external rapamycin works like internal rapamycin. Maybe it just helps slows down skin aging. Since it is relatively cheap and easy to make from India-sourced rapamycin, I will continue to use it.


What are the risk associated with using both Rapamycin Topically along side Tretinoin cream? Is it generally considered safe or not recommended?

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I think its generally considered safe. There have been no reports of contraindications or issues.

I have been using both for several months. No negative effects that I know of.

As a male, I have Melasma. I noticed that after taking Sirolimus orally, my scalp itching was cured successively, but Melasma did not improve at all. The skin color of the face and eyes was still yellowish brown, and there seemed to be signs of aggravation.
I remember reading a paper that said that local use of Sirolimus on the skin could lead to skin pigmentation. It seems that the logic is that Sirolimus induces the tyrosinase, which will not only lead to hair follicle pigmentation, but also lead to skin pigmentation.
I am in China, and the East regards white as its beauty. I want to know, do your skin have pigmentation when you apply Sirolimus cream?

I haven’t gotten around to using the cream yet, but the rapamycin I’ve been taking hasn’t made my skin any darker. I’m still at Fitzpatrick Type II.

Yes - I’m a caucasion guy, used my DIY rapamycin cream daily (morning and evening) for about 6 months. No change in color of skin at all - but fine lines/ wrinkes on hands and face got better. How much better… not sure, but ok, but not astounding or anything.


Try pycnogenol oral for melasma. I had some skin hyperpigmentation after sunburn that remained for years… a few months on pycnogenol really made a striking difference. I think the dose was 300 mg / daily. I always use it after summer now for prevention.


thank for your reply

Do you take 8mg 1x/week?

I came to same thought of using Na-PCA as the carrier|foundation for rapamycin skin treatment.
Na-PCA + Transcutol + Rapamycin.

Na-PCA penetrates and moisturizes the skin (spray bottle included ;-).
Transcutol disolves the rapamycin.
Rapamycin does the rejuvenation.

Elegant. Minimalist. Pretty inexpensive.

I have powdered Rapamycin in capsules from a compounding pharmacy. Terrible orally, but great for mixing.

I first learned about Na-PCA from early biohackers Dirk Pearson and Sandy Shaw in the early 1980s.


I’ve been using na-PCA for years. Nothing moisturizes my skin better. I use it for the whole body - easy to apply and inexpensive. Excellent after showers.