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Well this is something interesting:

So, a competitive inhibition of the binding to plasma protein by metformin HCI increases the plasma concentration of caffeine.

More of a buzz from your coffee on metformin?

There is growing evidence that other B vitamins, vitamin D and magnesium may also be impacted by metformin use in addition to alterations to the composition of the microbiome, depending on the dose and duration of therapy.

This could be why my vitamin D levels are low.

Resveratrol is sensitizing the anti-tumor effects of rapamycin and the PI3K/AKT/mTOR signaling is involved.”

“In addition, combination treatment with rapamycin and resveratrol induced cell death specifically in TSC1−/− MEF cells, and not in wild‐type MEFs.” (Bladder Cancer)

So Resveratrol enhances the anti-tumor effects of Rapamycin?

“Furthermore, resveratrol potently inhibited inflammatory factors–mediated protein kinase B/mammalian target of rapamycin signaling in neurons.”

So Resveratrol + Rapamycin reduces brain inflammation?

“The combined use of rapamycin and resveratrol enhanced AMPK, thereby restoring downstream signaling and reducing IL1β secretion.”

What? Isn’t that brilliant?

“Addition of resveratrol , which alone did not affect insulin levels, potentiated the effect of rapamycin , so that the combination decreased obesity and prevented hyperinsulinemia.”

“Given distinct mechanisms of action of rapamycin and resveratrol at clinically relevant doses, their combination warrants further investigation as a potential antiaging, antiobesity and antidiabetic modality.”

If Rapamycin is raising your blood glucose, just add resveratrol.

Wow. You can really go down a lot of rabbit holes here. I feel like I’m in Watership Down.


Remember the post you had about dumping your reveratrol? :slight_smile:
luteolin is another weak Mtor inhibitor that works synergistically with Rapamycin.
I will start taking these together with my Rapamycin.

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Most useful!

The interaction between two mTOR inhibitors show attenuation by the stronger of the weaker inhibitor’s effect on mTOR, in line with what Brian Kennedy is seeing in his mice studies.

Rapamycin (50 nM; an inhibitor of mTOR) attenuated (P < 0.05) the stimulatory effect of AKG on mTOR signaling and syntheses of milk protein and lactose, while relieving (P < 0.05) an inhibitory effect of AKG on expression of proteins related to ERS.

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I think this is a really interesting and potentially valuable resource for determining possible supplement and drug combinations. Thanks @RapAdmin

DrugBank looks like a possibly useful drug interaction site.

Easy interface and one can enter several medications at a time.

I ran Rosuvastatin and Sirolimus, which raises concerns:

The metabolism of Sirolimus can be decreased when combined with Rosuvastatin.

Any thoughts on how to navigate such a concern appreciated.


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How do you search for interactions? How is it different from Drug Interaction Checker ← Quickly Check Your Meds?

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@AnUser - They look like they use the same code.

Both appear to differ from in that one can enter a set of drugs and then get the interactions between the elements of the set., seems to only let you enter one medication then it shows everything it can access that interacts with that drug.


The synergistic effects of Rapamycin and Resveratrol are quite interesting. Especially in it’s effects against cancer.

Resveratrol may be useful in combination with Rapamycin if you trust this AI.

Also it appears Sirolimus decreases D3 levels as well. This could explain my D3 deficiency.

The key words… Does anyone trust AI right now?

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I only trust this AI: Golden Gate Claude \ Anthropic

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Interesting. Do you have any thoughts on how much one should/can supplement D3 to offset the decrease in D3 from taking Sirolimus?

5000 IU of D3 was not enough. I’m trying 10,000 IUs.

I moved to the same amount. let’s keep each other posted on how it works.

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