Dill extract: elastin synthesis, cross-linking, extracellular matrix, and LOXL1

I’m curious what you think about these studies:

  1. A blackberry-dill extract combination synergistically increases skin elasticity - PubMed
  2. https://sci-hub.se/https://pubmed.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/16842595/
  3. https://sci-hub.se/https://pubmed.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/31979322/
  4. https://www.researchgate.net/publication/298864126_LOXL_as_a_target_to_increase_the_elastin_content_in_adult_skin_a_dill_extract_induces_the_LOXL_gene_expression

Should dill extract be explored as one of potential anti-aging supplements?


I also wonder if other foods/spices/herbs that are more commonly consumed than dill seeds may have comparable or even higher levels of phenols that matter.

That’s what one of the studies says:
“While the mechanism underlying this protective effect remains unclear, it may be
related to the polyphenols, e.g., tannins and flavonoids that are present in dill seeds”

Maybe these are polyphenols available from a varied healthy diet, or are they specific to dill? These are fantastic results on blood pressure and heart hypertrophy in mice.

from the third paper:

While the mechanism underlying this protective effect remains unclear, it may be
related to the polyphenols, e.g., tannins and flavonoids that are present in dill seeds [46,47].
Polyphenols have previously been shown to have beneficial effects on the cardiovascular system
through their antioxidant activity [48–51].

Very interesting! Thank you so very much for sharing! :blush:

Have ordered a dill and blackberry face serum. I also had my first (what I call my ‘heart and face power’) breakfast with a teaspoon of dill seeds added (to a handful of walnuts, goji berry, blend of superfood seeds, high polyphenol extra virgin olive oil, chia seed oil, wheat germ oil and Greek yogurt). I barely tasted the dill so upping to two teaspoons tomorrow.
Also ordered blackberries, which are arriving later and will be in tomorrow’s breakfast :blush:

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It’s an interesting idea that I have looked into briefly before. Unfortunately there are side effects from increasing LOXL1 and they can be serious so trying to increase it with high doses of dill may have unacceptable risk. Lysyl Oxidase and the Tumor Microenvironment - PubMed


Might be interesting to take along with a copper-Tripeptide subcutaneous injection, which has anti-cancer activity, declines with ageing, and is implicated in collagen synthesis.

Apart from a place to buy, this link collates scientific studies:

It seems to be a mixed bag and honestly, I don’t have enough medical background to evaluate the results of this study. Other articles I have read on dill seed extracts indicate that it may not be good for long-term use. Since dill seeds, powders, extracts, etc. are widely used in the food chain I suspect it is a dose-related problem. For now, at least, I will put up with my aged skin until I know more about dill seed extract.
Here is the full article:


What i would ask about dill is what the mechanism is. There is IMO no single magic pill for longevity. Molecules affect mechanisms. Which one?

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Increased LOXL1 is the mechanism here.

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