Dietary Protein and Rapamycin

Hi everyone,

I was wondering how much protein per day y’all are consuming. Does it change based on your weekly rapamycin schedule? I was feeling unwell yesterday, but then ate about 80g of protein from chicken, 3 hours later I felt much better.



I lost 75 lbs last year. I’ve been maintaining for the past 4 months. I consume about 1.5 grams/kg per day everyday. At 85 kg I consume 100-150 g/day. I think rapamycin is a powerful enough mTOR inhibitor that it will do its job regardless of my protein intake.


You’ll get a million different answers on here for protein intake. Theoretically by down regulating mtor rapamacin will ameliorate some negative effects of a higher protein intake (and maybe some of the positives also). So if you are on rapamycin I would worry less about protein than if you are off it (assuming you are getting over the minimum required amount).

I personally go for about 1.1-1.2g/kg ( about 30-40g per meal) to try to get the vast majority of the muscle building benefits without the downsides of too much protein. Others here will say 0.8g/kg or 1.6g/kg but generally in that range.

I would not change my protein intake or timing due to rapamycin. It has such a long half life that protein timing isn’t really relevant.

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Most of what I have read suggests it is age-dependent, older people do not process protein as well as younger people,


Yes that appears to be where the evidence leans and not just for protein but for other vitamins also due to absorption issues. I wasn’t trying to give a blanket recommendation, but just what I do and a rough range most are in.

I agree with @stealle that the protein debate is less important if you are taking a drug to suppress mtor and I’d focus more on the general quality of the diet.