Dietary protein: amount needed, ideal timing, quality, and more | Don Layman, Ph.D

Another great Dr. Peter Attia interview in what is needed for longevity… muscle building and muscle resistance exercise.

This really hits the needs of amino acids (amount and quantity) for muscle growth… eating meat, milk and eggs.confirms my high-protein diet of these foods since I was 50 was on target.


I couldn’t agree more. I have watched a number of Attia’s interviews - and I rank this with his best.

Don Layman is a very good scientist. And he explains the science in a way that lets you internalize how best to incorporate protein strategies in your diet. I had no idea what amounts and timing of protein to get an anabolic response in muscle. I thought Don also gave an interesting explanation for why his research is primarily sponsored by industry vs government (nih). See 1:55:24 - Influence of industry funding on nutrition studies.

I can’t think of anyone who couldn’t benefit from this interview.


Hoping someone can explain something for me.

Consider this graphic:

Say Subject A weighs 80kg and needs to eat 144g of protein per day to hit 1.8g/kg. If he eats a sufficiently large serving of steak then he will fail to hit the target because (at 2g/hr) it would take three(!) full days (144/2 = 72hrs) to absorb the protein? Further does this not make a mockery of any guidance around protein timing and frequency because, if you’re eating meat, then you are basically
always digesting protein?


Do you think that graphic is accurate? I can’t find any sources at the article where that graphic is from.

The importance of breakfast protein starting your day to build more muscles.

I like to begin with an egg and bacon… most mornings.


I never thought of you as a “Vogue”-reading kind of guy :wink:


Hahaha Vogue… among many things… I will read about anything.