Did Twitter just prevent twitter embeds on rapamycin.news from working? (also pls update this in real time)

Old embeds still work, but will they cease to work, esp if a post is edited?

There was a period when it seems they were not working, but seem to be working again. I tend to think the issue is just Twitter missing 80% of its employees so things are going to break a lot more often than before.

I think this one was trying to stop over use of the bandwidth and they didn’t know how to stop a lot of scraping without impacting on the usage they would want to happen.

Twitter is rapidly disappearing from all google searches. I guess that is what happens when you stop paying your iCloud bills. That will definitely leave a mark though.

In my view;

More like the majority of the major players in the tech industry do not care for the new owner of Twitter.

As he is not playing ball with the establishment.

When he completes the transformation to his banking system* the game will change even more.

*FTTDNK Musk always want to create a banking system, when his x.com merged with PayPal is how he became a PayPal founder. Twitters ownership was changed to x.com. Which Musk controls and he has stated loud and clear he will transform Twitter to include a “bank system”.

My observation and comment, the pillars of the establishment are trembling in fear.

For those that do not know=FTTDNK

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