Did people used to look older?

This is fun and very interesting to view. It’s a year old so you may have already seen it but otherwise enjoy.

It goes to the heart of the line, “it feels weird being the same age as old people.” I have a hard time seeing myself through the eyes of 30 year olds. I think I’m just like them. But they must see me as a strange old dude. Now I wonder which of us is right.


The mirror says I’m not that old, but photos say I’m ancient.


IMO they really did. When I was in the Navy and went aboard my first ship, the Chief Petty Officer of my group was 38 and had been in the Navy for 20 years and announced that he was getting ready to retire.
I looked at him and thought: Man, he has been in the Navy as long as I have been alive. He looked pretty old. He will probably just go back to Tennessee, sit on his front porch, and watch his 5 acres of tobacco allotment grow.

People especially in their sixties looked ancient to me. My old picture albums containing pictures of my relatives definitely show that they looked older than people of the same age today.


Yes, Old people are hot now :slight_smile:

The two guys below are the same age…