Did anyone proposed gene therapies that claimed to extend mice lifespan to NIA ITP?

In this paper, Liz Parrish and George Church allegedly extended mice lifespan by 30% and 40% when started LATE in life:


NIA ITP record for late intervention is 12% for Rapamycin.
Did anyone tried to send a proposal about this or to contact Richard Miller to ask him if it would be possible to test this?
If it would work as good as in this paper, then it would be the strongest intervention even tested

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That the majority of people could not afford.

From other posting “Starting at $75,000” for one treatment.

How many people have $75,000 plus to make a payment/purchase?

I watched Liz Parrish interview and she said that cost is so high because there are not many people who buy it - so they need to create gene therapy for every person separately - and if they could do 20 gene therapies at once, they could sell it by 20k $ and with 100 gene therapies at once for 10k $ - so price would lower with greater number of people.
And 10k $ isn’t that much if people would count the cost of other drugs taken for 10 years(it would be 83$ monthly for 10 years - many drugs cost more)

I don’t believe that the NIA ITP program considers any sort of injection-oriented delivery mechanisms of drugs, or gene therapies. I’m not sure why the don’t try gene therapy mechanisms, but the idea of daily injections for drugs is probably a very costly process.