Deuterated compounds and kinetic isotope effect? (eg heavy water, RT-001/bis-allylic deuterated PUFAs, deuterated amino acids). Sourcing?

What are the best sourced of D2O, deuterated water?



" In addition, BMS-986165, RT001, ALK-001,. HC-1119, AVP-786 and other drugs are in phase III clinical studies"

SD-1077 (Deuterated L-DOPA) is the most interesting -


Thanks Alex that’s fascinating stuff.

What course do you take to prepare you for Deuterium 101? I think I need that one.

Reinforced fatty acids have been on my radar for a while. They should be relatively safe, but whether they do anything depends on the details of how oxidative signalling works, which I don’t understand. I think that the products of lipid peroxidation are actually essential to the signalling pathway. So the question is, why should reinforced PUFA’s extend life when mitochondria targeted antioxidants don’t?

There are practical issues too. Obtaining the suitable compounds might not be a big problem – it seems they’re simple to make, though presumably hard to purify (not needed?). But you might need to reduce competing PUFA sources in your diet to get them incorporated at a high enough level without eating huge quantities.

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Application of Deuterated N,N-Dimethyltryptamine in the Potential Treatment of Psychiatric and Neurological Disorders

I drank d2o today but a tiny amount. Would like to try more