DeSci & Longevity Biotech 2023 - A Próspera Builders' Summit

For people interested in longevity-focused conferences:

An event for renegade scientists, crypto-futurists and healthspan bioengineers

róspera is a startup city that radically transforms human governance to steer human progress.

​It does so by way of better laws, business regulations and governance services designed to foster entrepreneurship.

​Próspera is based on the dreamy Caribbean island of Roatan.

​Experienced biotech entrepreneurs and clinicians are now setting up a Regenerative Medicine Hub, and are calling on co-creator scientists, startup founders and aligned investors to join.

​To supercharge human health, we aim to bring a group of builders together challenging the status quo, and accelerate the pace of innovation in medical technology, healthcare and bioengineering.

​This conference is by builders, for builders.

​If you have your own startup, invest in startups, or you are an entrepreneur within your organisation, this summit is for you.

​Join world-class entrepreneurs and builders from Honduras, Latin America and the rest of the world, and let’s build the future.


​What to expect:

  • Speakers & Learning: This event will feature key thought leaders, introductory sessions to the Prospera legal & regulatory system as well as case studies

  • Workshops: You’ll have time to work together on concrete business ideas, or learn more about new technologies

  • Pitch Competition: Your opportunity to present your startup, project or a new idea you develop during the event

  • ​Fun: the event is on a drop-dead gorgeous Caribbean dream island, with the opportunity to bar crawl, visit animal sanctuaries, snorkel/scuba dive & a karaoke night

​Confirmed Speakers:

  • ​Aubrey de Grey (Professor and Author)
  • ​Alexander Bard (Cyber-Philosopher & Author)
  • ​Liz Parrish (CEO, BioViva USA Inc.)
  • ​Sebastian A. Brunemeier (Founder, Healthspan Capital)
  • ​Greg Nakagawa (CEO, Radiant Health Solutions)
  • ​Mac Davis & Walter Patterson (Founders, Minicircle)
  • ​Laurence Ion (Steward, VitaDAO)
  • ​Heather & Glenn Terry (Founders, GARM Clinic)
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