Dasatinib Revisit

As of today on one of Dr. Green’s websites he writes:

"I consider the Mayo clinic as authoritative group. I interpret this study to mean that Dasatinib and Fisetin is most effective combination.
The best ratio is 5:100 or 1:20 for Dasatinib to Fisetin.

The human dose of dasatinib is 100 mg and this would be 2000 mg Fisetin.
2 consecutive days was effective.

The dose I now suggest is:
100 mg Dasatinib + 2000 mg Fisetin.

I suggest one day with frequent intervals or 2 consecutive days at long intervals.

This means D+F biweekly (every 2 weeks) or monthly or 2 consecutive days once every 3 months.

Fisetin can be used to replace Quercetin.

Note: Senolytics are a very important part of anti-aging medicine. The best combination, dose, interval is a work in progress. We continue to monitor all studies by leading groups very closely.

Myself, I now take Dasatinib 100 mg plus Fisetin 2000 mg; biweekly."

So my question is what doses and protocol of Dasatinib are you doing? And what are your results? Any negative/positive side effects?



Is there anything to suggest Fisetin alone on high dose pulsed dosing has any substantial benefit.

Say 2,000 mg two days running and then a month off.

FWIW… I take 5 to 6 grams{yes, grams] two to three days once a month.

Based on what?

Note anything good or bad.

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Joseph, I that 5 to 6 grams if Fisetin or Dasatinib?

Has anyone read Blagosklonny paper on Senolytics?

He’s not a supporter.

I’ve not taken the plunge in Senolytics.

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MAC, I have not taken the plunge either but keep walking to the edge of the pool to jump, then keep stepping back. I’d like to watch a debate between Dr. Green and Dr. B regarding Senolytic Therapy.

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Dr Green is an early adopter family doctor pushing the “longevity” hype, off label envelope. Dr B is a world class cancer researcher, and thus, I would imagine, more grounded in the fundamental science. I’ve read many of his papers and listened to several interviews, he just seems more convincing to this layperson.

I try to keep an open mind, but this one I think is still early days (for me), would like to see more efficacy/safety, hasn’t tipped the scale yet.


Fisetin only in a liposomal form.

IMO most of the hype comes from the various of opinion papers and summary/review articles Dr. Blago has published over the years. I pay attention to what both of them are saying/doing while trying to remind myself this is all experimental. It is interesting that their opinions diverge with senolytics and I wonder if Dr B would change his mind in the face of accumulating evidence.

Although senolytics like Dasatinib and Fisetin seem to act as a type of geroprotector, the part in question and doubtful is that are they true age-slowers. The mechanism of senolytics suggest its a geroprotector with minimal true age-slowing characteristic. A compound like this extends average lifespan when administered in old age but does not have much cumulative effect when started much earlier. However Im sure low doses of senolytic like compounds no matter the age are beneficial.

In comparison CR or Rapa by their mechanism suggest they are true age-slowers.

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