Dasatinib + Quercetin Preserves Cognition in Aging Rats

“Long-term treatment with ABT-263 or D + Q, initiated in middle-age [rats], decreased peripheral markers of tissue senescence and systemic inflammation, and preserved hippocampal-dependent cognitive function and NMDAR-mediated synaptic transmission […]”

“The results indicate that preserved cognition was associated with the removal of peripheral senescent cells, decreasing systemic inflammation […]”

“Rats were treated via oral gavage for 5 consecutive days with a 2 week break in between two cycles […]. A total of eight cycles of treatment over the span of 6 months were administered before the rats were behaviorally characterized for motor and cognitive performance. […]”

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Budamagunta, V., Kumar, A., Rani, A., Bean, L., Manohar-Sindhu, S., Yang, Y., Zhou, D., & Foster, T. C. (2023). Effect of peripheral cellular senescence on brain aging and cognitive decline. Aging Cell , 00, e13817.