Dasatinib Protocol

Dr. Alan Green on his website writes: “Myself, I now take Dasatinib 100 mg plus Fisetin 2000 mg; biweekly.”

Is anyone taking Dasatinib and Fisetin on this protocol or another one? If you are taking along with Rapamycin, do you take D and F on same day as Rapamycin or do you spread it out?


I didn’t like the side effects from Dasatinib when I took around 150 mg 2 days in a row. Specifically I noticed trouble with verbal recall for a few days.

Now I lean towards having a bunch of other senolytics (e.g. fisetin , quercetin, procyanidin, polyphenols) with maybe 10 - 25mg dasatinib.

But curious to see what others have to say!

I’m also interested in what others experience with two consecutive days of D&Q or D&F. With 100mg of dasatinib in my D&Q&F I always get a feeling of pressure in my head that evening, not quite a headache but enough to warrant a tylenol before bed. So on day 2 I only take the Q&F, no dasatinib, and get no reaction.

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CTStan, do you do the protocol every month?

I’m older than Dr Green and I expect I’m producing senescent cells at a pretty good clip. Since I’m on biweekly sirolimus it is during week 2 when I take my biweekly senolytic cocktail.

Do you do 100 mg D and 2000 mg F every two weeks?

There are lots of ideas on how to dose D&Q&F and I’m not suggesting mine is the right one. Here is my regimen for now: During week 2 of my biweekly rapamycin cycle I take 100mg dasatinib +500mg fisetin and 500mg quercetin in the AM. Three hours later at midday I take another 300 mg fisetin and 500mg quercetin and 5mg bioperine. The next day I repeat the midday dose.

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