Dasatinib/Fisetin Protocol Revisited

I’m thinking of starting the Dasatinib Fisetin protocol below:

100 mg Dasatinib; Fisetin 2000 mg for two consecutive days every other month.

Doing this based on some of the info I’ve seen online from Dr. Green.

Anyone have any experience and/or insights into this protocol?

Have you located an inexpensive source for dasatinib?

The least expensive source I located is $269.00 per 100mg tablet, cash price.

Hi Joseph. I’ve had two quotes in from Indian pharmacies where I sourced my Rapamycin. For 60 tablets of 50mg one was $36, the other was $37. That is considerably cheaper.

IAS (no commercial interest) has link for product made in EU $70 for 12 x 20 mg tabs,

Although (I gather) people have used Indian sources for drugs successfully, if you do some research you may find that the risk is not worth it. I am conservative, and would not touch any drugs made in India (unless I had no other choice).