Dasatinib Drug Interactions

I’m hoping some of the MD’s on this forum can comment. I welcome all comments however.

I’m considering starting senoytic therapy with Dasatinib and Fisetin (Dr. Green’s suggested 100 mg of Dasatinib two days in a row every three months).

My question is this. When I do a drug interaction check on several interaction websites, some state a major drug interaction between xarelto (blood thinner) and Dasatinib. Interestingly enough, some of the interaction websites say “no interaction”. My thinking is that given the Dasatinib dose is infrequent (everything three months), this interaction concern is minor. Agree? Disagree?

I’d ask my cardio doc who prescribes the Xarelto, but he is against all off label longevity medicines and he’d just shoot me down. BTW, I’m on xarelto given I had two blood clots over past 5 years (all clots before I started taking Rapamycin).

Any input would be appreciated. I’m not asking for specific medical advice for me personally, just general thoughts.


For what it’s worth, Dr. Green did not suggest that I should take Dasatinib.

May I ask, why he did not suggest you take it?

To be precise, he did not suggest I should take it. This is a powerful drug with side effects. If I was 70 and worried about Alzheimer’s I would might take it.

Dasatinib may increase bleeding in patients taking Xarelto.