Dante labs sale e199 for Whole Genome Sequencing (30x)

Reviews for dante are a bit of a mixed bag but my experience back in December 2019 was good

As an interesting side note I just went through some of their reports and see i am a fast metabolizer of sirolimus and require higher doses


That is super cool…a small layer of the onion unravels.

Here’s the report, though whereas Dante says in their reports i am not at risk of Gaucher’s disease promethease says I am, so interpret with care

Did this report change ANYTHING (interventions, other) for you?

I found lot’s of interesting stuff about my heritage but except for being homozygous for mthfr a1298c and that I respond badly to many types of chemotherapy my genes luckily are quite boring. (There are a few other things which are good to know, like being a carrier for factor v leiden, which I think is sort of fun because I am from leiden and studied medicine there when the gene was discovered)

That’s pretty informative…I am homozygous C677T, impaired methylation, so had to address Homocysteine and choline, so very helpful to know. I am homozygous H63D, so mild iron elevation, led me to start donation, which serendipitously, resulted in blood donations as major bio-hack. I think anyone interested in longevity should have a genetic look…precision medicine.

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CLIA certified or DTC?

What are those abbreviations?

Clinical Laboratory Improvement Amendments


DTC=Direct to Consumer
Basically, can be low validity.

Not only that, the lower costs in DTC tend to correlate with privacy risks. It’s no surprise DTC giants for WGS are heavily VC funded with what seems to be at first glance ultra high valuations.

Dante is an Italian company, so gdpr compliant

Doesn’t matter if they get bought out in bankruptcy or get used for exempt purposes. They could also get hacked.

I would just be wary and simply use my second legal name on a different passport