D-Mannose ameliorates TNF-α-induced inflammation in human keratinocytes via mTOR/NF-κB pathway

So - for the dermatologists here, does this suggest that D-Mannose used topically might help mitigate age-related skin disfunction / degeneration?

Here, we found that topical supplementation of D-mannose remarkably attenuated skin lesions and recovered skin barrier function in AD mice model induced by DNCB. Furthermore, in vivo and in vitro experiments indicated that D-mannose inhibited tumor necrosis factor-α (TNF-α)-mediated increased expression of inflammatory cytokines. D-mannose also markedly downregulated TNF-α-stimulated activation of mTOR/NF-κB signaling pathway that was crucial for regulating the inflammatory condition. However, these effects were abolished by treatment with inhibitors of mTOR or NF-κB in HaCaT and NHEK. As far as we know, this is the first study uncovering the effective role of D-mannose via skin topical application. We found that D-mannose plays a regulatory role on inflammatory keratinocytes, suggesting its therapeutic utilization as a potential drug against atopic dermatitis.

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I have started taking D-Mannose to prevent UTI while on Canagliflozin.

I have multiple sclerosis so am prone to UTIs, even as a male.

I subsequently discovered the wonderful world of D-Mannose as I felt 10 years younger within 15 minutes of taking. Apparently it is very good for MS, muscle growth and even hair loss:

Role of D-mannose in urinary tract infections – a narrative review

d-mannose suppresses oxidative response and blocks phagocytosis in experimental neuroinflammation

Mannose receptor regulates myoblast motility and muscle growth

Shikimic acid, a mannose bioisostere, promotes hair growth with the induction of anagen hair cycle

(Although also linked to female 60+ hair loss
Mannose and Hair loss - a phase IV clinical study of FDA data


I also take d-mannose to prevent UTIs. Works like a charm. In addition, I add it to my lotions.


How much do you take how often?

Wife has a bag of it, just wondering.

How’s the taste of D-mannose powder? Tolerable?

It’s like powdered sugar. Really sweet, very minor aftertaste.

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