has been down for a few days


Organization of the CR Society - CR Society Forum
President & Director:
Brian M. Delaney

Managing Director/Board of Directors Chair:
Bob Cavanaugh

Vice President for Research & Director:
Michael Rae

Treasurer & Director:
David Stern

Chief Information Officer & Director:
Tim Calmeyn

Robert Krikorian

Director Emeritus:
Nick Colby

Director Emeritus:
Lisa Walford

How to gain access to domains or accounts after account holder’s death

To access a domain or an account after the death of the account holder, you must be the Estate Administrator or next of kin of the deceased. You need to submit a request with the following documentation:

  1. A properly completed request to the Regain Access To My Account form with the Estate Administrator listed as the requestor.
  2. Legal documentation listing the name of the Estate Administrator.
  3. A copy of the Death Certificate of the deceased.
  4. Photo identification for the requestor/Estate Administrator. We require the government-issued photo identification be a color copy, scan or digital picture containing the pictured person, name, signature and expiration date clearly identifiable.

Required: You must include all four of these items with your access request, or your request will not be considered.

Please allow up to 72 hours for initial correspondence. Once this documentation is received, we will inform you that your request has been completed or if there is any additional information needed to process your request.

^This is the difficult part. But if the data is still on invisionforum servers, could there be a way to just point a separate domain DNS to the invisionforum forums?

I would imagine that if you had access to the server, where all the data is, then you can just get a new domain and point it to it.

If the forum is running, can’t you get the I.P and get to the forum that way (and point new domain to the I.P)?

Maybe, I emailed InvisionForum support. Without additional information, there might be a limited extent to which they can discuss pre-existing forums [though I know they were in good standing as of 6/18]

Also they have to approve authorizing additional account admins for the boards, idk how that’s done for forums where the admins are dead.

Why does it say this, last updated on 2024-06-10, and expires on 2025-04-15?



They originally pointed at it. Not anymore though

The CRS website is likely down because of DNS problems. It doesn’t look like the DNS was ever switched over to GoDaddy. Instead, it’s still on the old name servers. Testing this results in failed connections to those servers, so I’d start by updating the DNS in the GoDaddy account.



. 0 OPT [{Extended_DNS_Error: NO_REACHABLE_AUTHORITY: at delegation}, {Extended_DNS_Error: NETWORK_ERROR: timed out for A}] ; payload 1232, xrcode 0, version 0, flags 0

Template Error: The template file must be given (or the template could not be opened)

This error seems related to Jomla forum?

why jomla? It’s invision power board…

2020 the domain was registered to Calorie Restriction Society:

Earlier ones can be found here:

I think the best tool for historical WHOIS is Whois History - Historical Whois Lookup - DomainTools but it’s a paid service, and I don’t know for sure if it’s the best one.

The name servers has always been the same it looks like to me.

If I would guess something on the server side broke.