COVID 19 Vaccination interactions with Rapamycin

Hi everyone,

I’m about to get my fourth covid vax.

Has anybody had an adverse reaction to a vax while takin Rapamycin?

Should I avoid taking my rapa dose the week of the vaccination?

Any advice is appreciated


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Please report back. Evidence suggests less innate immune reactions and better adaptive which should translate to less fever aches chills and more antibodies made.


That is what i did, and skipped a week after the vaccine shot.


that sounds like a sensible plan.

I’ll do that.


Both innate and adaptive are needed. Antibodies are not the only metric. It’s just the easy-to-measure one.

T-cell immunity has a lot to do with it as well but few people seem to mention it unless they’re deep in the weeds for infectious disease research or clinical practice.

(I have done infectious research with NIH/NIAID grant, also worked in BSL-4 lab, know a lot of MD/PhDs in infectious disease)


Thanks RapAdmin. I want to get the flu vaccination next week. Also in January my co-pay for the shingles vaccination drops from almost $400 to $0. I’m going to follow you and take two weeks off rapa. So great to have this forum. Where else could I go to get an opinion on this subject this quickly?


Crap, I totally forgot about that. I got I flu vaccination two weeks ago without even thinking about it. I got the vaccination on the same day as I took my weekly dose of rapamycin.
Fortunately zero side effects.


Évidence on Rapamycin is pretty scant as far as I know. I am really only familiar with the flu vaccine study. Seniors had better protection while on Rapamycin. Whether or not it translates to Covid or even all flu vaccines is like most things at this stage is a guess.
I personally am staying on it. BUT I am not on larger doses which becomes more likely to be immunosuppressive. I take weekly 6mg pulse. dose which is SUPPOSED to be an immunomodulator
Always open to evidence.


Immunomodulator is a imprecise term. Immune system is complex.

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