Could Rapamycin trigger alzheimers?

I just read this article on a new study in the brains of mice…. rapamycin increases plaques that cause Alzheimer’s in mice…

I have been on a 5mg 1 per week protocol for over a year…. This is the first article I’ve found that has given me pause about my rapamycin protocol…. Although, I don’t have any plans on stopping lol


Well that’s concerning. However, wasn’t the amyloid-AD link recently debunked?

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This was discussed a great deal and the problems identified in it, back when it came out about 6 months ago or so.

See this thread: Rapamycin increases Alzheimer's-associated plaques in mice, study finds


Ok, I guess I missed that one 6 months ago…. Haha… thanks for the link! :joy: