Continuous Glucose Monitor

Not sure how many of you have tried a CGM, got my doctor to prescribe a FreeStyle Libre 2. I just installed it and will post my results on Rapa day and others. Definitely feel like a lab rat :slight_smile:


The freestyle libre is pretty inaccurate, so my friend who is diabetic and gives me some of his extra sensors has told me to get a device like this below to check in the morning how far the Libre is off - so you know what is really going on. You can’t adjust/calibrate the Libre 2 directly. In my experience the Libre is typically 15 to 30 points higher than the finger prick glucose measure.


Thank you @RapAdmin. I may do some backup testing. I have a good friend who has a daughter with type 1 she uses the Dexacom g6 as her daily driver but has used the Libre 2 before and found it okay. He suggested I use it for value and since I am only looking for directional readings. I am not taking insulin after all.

I have taken a few ratings thus far. 101, 92, 106. All pretty low.

I have tried the Dexcom G6 and more recently the G7. The G7 did fall off, but Dexcom sent another. I will run a Dexcom session again soon, but I want to plan things around that.

generally carb tolerance goes way down on rapa days

Interesting drop post Rapa and exercise to 60s. Fun to watch this.

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One important thing to know about the Libre2: the current “reading” and trend line for the last 20 minutes is a model. It takes 20 minutes for the sensor to finalize a reading, so when your glucose is changing, I find it tends to over shoot.

You’ll notice that the next time you go to scan the last 20 minutes of the previous scan will be gone.

I also highly recommend upgrading to the Libre3, as it does not require scanning. It streams to the phone and is smaller.

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Is that something you have personally experienced by measuring it?

yes, when wearing a monitor, I saw much larger then normal spikes in the 48 hours post rapa (7 mg at the time of rapamune)

Interesting. Thanks for the info.