Consumer Alert: David Sinclair's Tally Health, Deceptive Practices

Hello fellow longevity enthusiasts,

I wanted to share a recent experience with David Sinclair’s Tally Health that might be of concern to anyone here who’s subscribed or considering subscribing to their services.

When I initially signed up for Tally Health, it was under a year-long plan, which already had pretty restrictive cancellation policies. These terms included hefty penalties if you decided to cancel before the 12-month mark. However, upon checking my account recently, I was surprised to find that my subscription is set to charge me again next month. This was unexpected as my original understanding was that my commitment was only for 12 months.

Digging deeper, I’ve noticed that Tally Health has quietly updated their Terms and Conditions. The plan, which was initially a fixed 12-month term, is now apparently set to automatically renew on a month-to-month basis. This major change seems to have been made without clear communication, effectively burying significant policy shift.

Moreover, the process to cancel the subscription is unnecessarily complicated, further complicating the situation for consumers looking to opt out.

I wanted to raise a flag here for anyone who might be in a similar boat or considering Tally Health for their wellness journey. It’s important to be aware of these changes and the potential for unexpected charges due to the shift to a month-to-month subscription model post the initial term.

Always read the fine print and stay vigilant about any changes to terms you’ve agreed to, especially when it comes to subscriptions that impact your financial health and wellness journey.

Stay informed and take care,


I just subscribed to Peter Attia’s premium service because I wanted to read an article they wrote on statins.
I cancelled it now just because I don’t think I’ll need it going forward. It took about 30 seconds to cancel and easy to find. Sorry to hear Tally is not using good business practices.

When I joined, I was expecting the company to venture beyond selling overpriced resveratrol. 12 months into the subscription, the only notable “innovation” has been the introduction of an add-on supplement (Glycine, Berberine, Urolithin A).