Constant blood glucose monitoring Watch

FWIW, Pick up one made in CH watch that measures blood glucose every 5 minutes. Using through skin surface spectroscopy.

Have only had it for less than 2 days.

Measures in mmol/L, just multiple by 18 to convert to mg/dL

Cost was less than $100.00

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Can you share the name/brand and how you bought it? if so, thanks! :slightly_smiling_face:

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Purchased on AliExpress, link below.

Uses the Hband app{on google play store.


Be cautious. These things are usually frauds.


Please explain, what “frauds”?

Wow - I’m surprised. I’ve heard that Apple is working on this, but the feature didn’t make it into the most recent version.

I can’t find any independent third party reviews of the product unfortunately - but it sure sounds interesting. Please let us know how well it functions. Hopefully you have a finger prick measuring device to check the accuracy of the measures.

I see it advertised here also:

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I used a Dexcom g6 for a couple of sessions. I did need calibration as it tended to be about 1 mmol/L out otherwise. I use a fitbit for normal monitoring and if glucose could be added to that I would be very pleased. Fitbit is not that good for HRV and I use a polar combined with elite for that.

Websites offering artificially low priced watches. I remember the one that Elon musk’s supposedly tweeted about. Thank me later and a link. Complete fraud. It isn’t the technology that shows signs of fraud. I would have the same reaction if it was a link to an Apple Watch for $44.


When the first real “cell phone”{the Motorola StarTAC] came out it was $2,999.00. Service was over $1.00 per minute of use.

How many average people could afford this?

Today you have a hand held computer “a smart phone” at no cost, all you can eat contact/data for $15.00 a month.

How many people use now?

Gene sequences use to cost $10 of thousands per gene

Now you can do an entire individual for less than $300.00 covering many thousands of gene’s

The watch cost less than $100.00{the watch was less than $60.00 delivered] with the data/information it provides where is the potential “fraud”?

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I’d love to hear your review of it, particularly about blood glucose accuracy. If it is +/- 15% (the legal standard for finger-prick devices), I’m getting it.

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Sadly, I don’t think this technology is readily available yet to be honest. I would be surprised if that watch will give any results accurate or even close to the real finder prick or CGM.

The price is also too good to be true for a cutting edge tech.

Most people don’t realize the terrible inaccuracies of finger-prick glucose monitors. You are right, by law, they don/t have to be more than +/- 15% accurate. That is coupled with even small contaminants on your finger, such as handling a piece of fruit, washing your hands, and not getting all the soap off. If the watch works at all, it is probably as accurate as a finger-prick glucose monitor.


Exactly what Zazeem says. I once bought a blood glucose meter + strips at Aliexpress. I compared the results with the results of the blood glucose meter that is medically approved here, and the results were completely out of range. I haven’t dared to use it anymore.

The CGMs are not terribly accurate either. But the one time that I had my blood drawn I was able to tie it to a CGM reading the exact minute. 79 on the CGM and 79 on the lab report.


It is Raman Spectrometer discovered in 1928

How much longer to be ready?

" Discovered by Dr. CV Raman in India in 1928

The Raman effect underlying Raman spectroscopy is ancient and was discovered in 1928 by Dr. Raman in India, who later won the Nobel Prize."

History of Raman spectroscopy | Nanophoton.

There are reviews from buyers on the AliExpress site/link.

Some one posted photos showing a reading comparison to a blood strip.

Shamelessly partially plagiarizing
Vinod Khosla…

This watch is a no-brainer.

When I used to be pricking my fingers with a blood glucose meter I actually had two competing brands and I would test with both. One was consistently 20–30 points lower than the other.

Has this been used through human skin?

It will be interesting to see how accurate this is when it comes out…

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Game changer if it works. Of course Apple has to work out the patent infringement case if it wants to sell more watches.

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