Combination of rapamycin and metformin, wherein the molar ratio of rapamycin to metformin

“Composition comprising combination of rapamycin and an activator of AMP kinase and use thereof for treating diseases”

…“composition including a combination of rapamycin and metformin, wherein the molar ratio of rapamycin to metformin is in the range of about 20:1 to about 1:1; 10:1 to about 4:1; 5:1 to about 3:1; or about 5:1 to about 4:1. The composition may be formulated for oral administration, topical administration, parenteral administration, etc.”…

Shamelessly copying!


Seriously… put two medications together and call it something new… Secret Medication. Lol

Ketsup , mustard, mayonnaise and relish = Jack in the Box …Secret Sauce. Need a patent.


It is tried all the time.

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I had a colonoscopy yesterday and every medical staff I spoke with asked about me taking metformin off label. They were very intrigued but never heard of it’s off label use.

No question about Sirolimus!

Gotta fist bump from my gastro doc when I told him why :fist_right: :fist_left:

Colonoscopy results were normal, no polyps or other issues.


Patrick, I’m just curious. Do you mind stating your particular reason for taking metformin off-label. Thanks.

I started taking it in October 2021 after listening to dr Sinclair and many others discuss its benefits for cellular health and MTORC1 inhibition.

When I first started metformin I cut my portion sizes in half, I was full faster. That isn’t the case now a year later.

I went from 185 to 165lbs from October to February, I was at 11% body fat and at my high school weight. I’m now around 176 and I believe that is because I worked on getting my total testosterone to above 750.

Probably also why I’m eating more.